Restoring our Relationships

Lesser Known Bible Characters, Using Their Relationships to Restore Ours


As you read through the Bible, you discovered hundreds of individuals who were mentioned only once or twice. They appeared, only to promptly disappear in the next couple of verses or chapter. Generally, their personalities were poorly developed; their actions rarely explained. Like me, you may have wondered why God gave them space in the Holy Scriptures. Surely, a more important character, action, or truth could have been put in the limited Bible space?

The apostle Paul answered our question, “Why are they even there?” He wrote that all Scripture is valuable for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness. God breathed lesser-known characters into the Bible to give us information we need to complete the work God planned for us here on earth. That means we are to learn from the lives and actions of lesser-known, as wells as, from famous Bible characters.

As I read and re-read Bible stories of lesser-known characters, I saw that they didn’t act in isolation. None was a hermit or recluse. None acted independently from other individuals in their environment. All was in one or more relationship and relationships influenced behavior. From these observations, I concluded that the optimal way to study lesser-known Bible characters was to look at their relational behavior. What better place to study and learn from human behavior than Holy Scripture.

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