Editor and Purpose


Welcome to Bible Characters,

As the site editor, participants should know I am a spiritual woman with a deep belief in God. Many friends would describe my Christian perspective as orthodox. I believe in the inspired, written word of God.

I began this blog think I would discuss the contributions of Bible characters, many of them lesser known.  Although most of us know a lot about Moses, David and Paul, we know relatively little about the supporting characters in their lives. Likewise, we don’t  understand why some stories are even told in the Bible, i.e., Acsah, the daughter of Caleb, or Jonadab the shrewd friend of Amnon. What are we to learn from them and how should we apply them to our lives in the 21st century?

BUT, as I have written it over the last several years, I began to write a different perspective. Lesser known Bible characters as well as more famous Bible characters have stories and purpose in the Bible.

In this blog, generally, I view the characters from the perspective of the primary relationship in their life, such as, husband and wife, mother and son, friend, clan. This perspective allows us to more fully understand  their motivations  and reactions. Take a look at the Categories and the stories under them to find characters you are interested in reading about.

I am a retired professor. My last full-time position was as a Distinguished Professor at the University of Texas at El Paso. Currently, I live in Roanoke, Virginia.  My expertise in both fields — nursing and psychology — allows me to look at the total picture of the obscure characters of the Bible and analyze why they occupy space in a book as valuable as the Word of God.

Certainly, my analyses of the behaviors of these individuals are not the only perspectives; I welcome all of your input and hope you will comment on my postings. Also, feel free to write me with characters that you would like reviewed. My email is carolyn.roth@ymail.com.

The contents of this website are copyright. You may use the materials after getting permission from the editor. If you use the materials in your writings or presentations, properly cite the website.

Visit my website and purchase my books at: http://www.carolynrothministry.com


Carolyn Adams Roth


3 thoughts on “Editor and Purpose

  1. Hi Carolyn, I just discovered your blog and I very much like it. I’ve been fascinated with obscure Bible characters for many years and as a young adult Sunday School teacher, I’ve taught a few of their stories. I do like, however, how you go deeper into researching these people and your analysis. I’m going to use two of your characters in a Sunday School lesson this week — Jonadab, as a negativerole-model, and Lysias as a positive role-model. Thank you for sharing these stories. God bless you today! Sandra http://www.sandra-ramblingrose.blogspot.com

    • Sandra, Thank you so much for sharing how you intend to use “Obscure characters.” Candidly, I do not admire Jonadab and do admire Lysias. The great feature about the Bible is that God uses all types of individuals to make teaching points. I’d be happy to hear your classes response: carolyn.roth@ymail.com.Blessings, Carolyn

  2. hi sister Carolyn, Everyday i check your website reading your blogs and teaching in my church, really you did a great job, may God use you mightily. God bless

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