Solomon Condemns Adulterous Woman

Bible Reference: Proverbs chapter 7

Heart of the Story: King Solomon warned his son against adulterous women using this woman as an example.

Story Line: Solomon addressed these verses to his son, cautioning his son to store up his commands. The immediate impetuous for Solomon’s command is a street scene he observes from a window of his house. Solomon observed a youth with “no sense.” The youth is walking along the street in the direction of a woman’s house at twilight. A woman comes out of the house to meet the youth. Solomon described the woman as “dressed like a prostitute.” Perhaps, she wore a low-cut robe or even a see-through garment. Brazenly, the woman took hold of the youth and kissed him.

The woman entices the youth into her home with offers of delectable food, a perfumed bed, and the promise of all-night sex.  She assures the youth that her husband is out of town on a long journey, so the youth does not have to worry about a jealous husband. With persuasive words and smooth talk, the adulterous led the young man astray. According to King Solomon, the youth followed her inside her home like an ox going to the slaughter!

Solomon’s wisdom or concluding remarks: An adulterous has brought many victims down. Her house is a highway to the grave. Do not let your heart turn to an adulterer’s ways or stray into her paths where she may tempt you to commit adultery with her.

Pondering Relationships: Clearly, Solomon wants his son to make wise choices when it comes to avoiding adulterous women. In the first four verses of Proverbs chapter 7, he implores his son to seek wisdom. Most of us who read King Solomon’s warning to his son to not become involved with an adulterous woman, immediately think back to Solomon’s many wives and concubines (1 Kings chapter 11). Importantly, the Bible recorded no instance where any Solomon was an adulterer. Unlike his father, David, no Bible stories about Solomon recorded that he was sexually involved with a married woman.

In this series of verses, Solomon expressed a low opinion of the adulterous woman. He identified her as crafty, unruly, and defiant. Her feet never stay at home. Sometimes, she is in the streets, sometimes in the squares, she lurks in every corner.

I have read this passage several times and asked myself why this woman was so discontent with her home and husband. Very likely, the woman’s father implemented the marriage contract between the adulterous woman and her husband. Perhaps, the man and wife were not compatible.  Perhaps, the husband was so involved in his business that he neglected his wife by being away much of the time. Perhaps, the husband was years older than the wife and did not meet her sexual needs. Despite these “perhaps,” the adulterous woman was still responsible for her behavior which included sexual breaking the Mosaic law on adultery. She deliberately set out to entice the youth into having sex with her.

Reflection: Did the youth sin, or only the adulterous woman. Are both guilty of adultery?

Copyright April 17, 2018; Carolyn A. Roth

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